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XEvil 6: the best software for captchas solving is available !

[url=https://xrumersale.site/][img]https://i.ibb.co/mD00qdD/xevil-beta5-436-185.jpg[/img][/url] [b]XEvil 6.0 automatically solve most kind of captchas, [/b] Including such type of captchas: ReCaptcha v.2, ReCaptcha-3, Hotmail (Microsoft), Google, SolveMedia, BitcoinFaucet, Steam, +12000 + [b]hCaptcha[/b] supported in new XEvil 6.0! [url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZMJ5023OFc]XEvil 6.0: multithreading solving of thousands hCaptcha simultaneously! [/url] [b]1.) Fast, easy, precisionly [/b] XEvil is the fastest captcha killer in the world. Its has no solving limits, no threads number limits you can solve even captchas per day and it will cost 0 (ZERO) USD! Just buy license for 59 USD and all! [color=green][b][[ [url=http://www.botmasterlabs.net/buy_xevil/]Buy XEvil Just for 59 USD![/url] ]][/b][/color] [b]2.) Several APIs support [/b] XEvil supports more than 6 different, worldwide known API: 2captcha.com, anti-captcha (antigate), rucaptcha.com, death-by-captcha, etc. just send your captcha via HTTP request, as you can send into any of that service - and XEvil will solve your captcha! So, XEvil is compatible with hundreds of applications for SEO/SMM/password recovery/parsing/posting/clicking/cryptocurrency/etc. [b]3.) Useful support and manuals [/b] After purchase, you got access to a private tech.support forum, Wiki, Skype/Telegram online support Developers will train XEvil to your type of captcha for FREE and very fast - just send them examples [b]4.) How to get free trial use of XEvil full version? [/b] - Try to search in Google "Home of XEvil" - you will find IPs with opened port 80 of XEvil users (click on any IP to ensure) - try to send your captcha via 2captcha API ino one of that IPs - if you got BAD KEY error, just tru another IP - enjoy! :) - (its not work for hCaptcha!) [b][color=red]WARNING: Free XEvil DEMO does NOT support ReCaptcha, hCaptcha and most other types of captcha![/color][/b] http://xrumersale.site/ [i]P.S. In the latest update of XEvil 6.0 was added 16 types of hCaptcha tasks also: - bird - canine - dog with a collar on its neck - female lion - lion with a closed mouth - lion with an open mouth - lion with closed eyes - lion with mane on its neck - lion with open eyes - parrot - baby cat - cat with short hair - cat with thick fur - horse facing to the left - horse facing to the right - horse with white legs [/i] See also: [url=http://kasumigang.com/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=1003]program for click hCaptcha captcha[/url], [url=http://sheboygancountyforfreedoms.org/board/viewtopic.php?t=10049]XEvil 5: the best program for captchas solving is available !!![/url], [url=http://forum.istra-mama.ru/viewtopic.php?p=151#p151]best program for solve ReCaptcha captcha[/url], [url=https://imagexrc.com/showthread.php?tid=17&pid=17#pid17]XEVIL 6.0: the best program for captchas solving was released !!![/url]

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0 2022-08-30
XEvil 6: the best software for captchas solving is available !