Zona de cruising piscina municipal escuelas de San Antón - chueca Madrid

Zona de cruising piscina municipal escuelas de San Antón - chueca Madrid

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Escuelas San Antón is both a gym and a swimming pool, located in the middle of Chueca, the gay area of Madrid. So as you can imagine the place is just full of gay guys !! Entrance is just 5€, to use the swimming pool you need s Speedo, a bathing cap and it's asked to wear flip flops to walk around. Most of the cruising takes place in the changing room and in the showers (which is the same for the gym and the swimming pool). The showers are in individual stalls with a door that let you see the upper and lower part of the body I'd recommend to go to the middle ones so you can see more people Some guys leave the doors open and there're clearly here to make the show, you can flirt with other guys while watching then clean especially some parts of their body But I don't think it's possible to do anything with another guy in the showers In terms of guys , you have a bit of everything: some really cute one, some old ones. end of afternoon seems to be the time of for families to come so avoid this time :) And enjoy the experience !

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Pharmacy Street, Madrid, Spain

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Travelerxl 21/03/21

A locker room as I like but I wasn't lucky in the showers. The swimming pool is only 25meters with a nice view and lot of natural light.

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