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Flawless ailments

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1 2020-01-26
Flawless ailments
backpacking dude
backpacking dude
Replied the 2020-02-03
Well the equivalent of the European burning man is the Nowhere festival in Spain. Not the same scale, but kind of the same spirit as the Burning man, a few years ago. It’s happening in Spain, in the middle of the country. Where it’s especially dry and hot in Summer. Great collaborative spirit, you can join one of the community and take part to the community life with what you can and want do. Other option is the Whole festival happening between Berlin and Leipzig. This one is very queer, and a lot of fun! It’s happening mid June, in what it used to be an old mine. Which is now a big lake. So it’s just fantastic: you can enjoy the festival spirit with lots of gay people coming from all over the world and swim naked in the lake. Wonderful experience!