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Summer 2020 for gay couple: Ocean or Mediterranean coast in France

Hey ! We're going to take some holiday end of August and we were wondering if we should go to the Atlantic coast or to the Mediterranean coast in France. Where is it more popular for gay people to go this year ? We are also fond of nude beaches so, any coast that have best gay nude beaches options as both seem to be very nice! Thanks in advance !!

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1 2020-08-12
Summer 2020 for gay couple: Ocean or Mediterranean coast in France
Replied the 2020-08-21
Hi! hard to answer that question as both coasts are full of really nice gay beaches and naturist beaches it depends what you like: if you're more into long stretch of sandy beaches, then you should probably go to the atlantic coast. Especially south of Bordeaux, you have beautiful spots. It's popular with surfers, but not only. You have some really amazing beaches : plage des casernes, plage du Porge but actually it's so big there, if you're just looking for a place to lie naked on the beach, you can go pretty much everywhere: the beaches are so big you just have to walk a bit you you'll make your own gay nudist beach ! on the mediterranean coast, you do have some sandy beaches (especially close to Montpellier (Cap D'agde, which is the craziest swinger place I have ever seen) or L'espiguette which is a beautiful gay beach near Montpellier my favorite place on the Mediterranean coast is l'Ile Du Levant: it's an island with a part of it being naturist. Beautiful spot, with among the best sunset I have ever seen. People are extremely friendly too. Mid July - mid august is the gayest time to go there, but it's still very nice if you go before or after, it's more quiet and you can enjoy it more