AiiRO Cafe

AiiRO Cafe

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AiiRO is a very nice gay bar, very well located in Shinjuku gay district. You can’t miss it with the big shintoist Tori at the entrance of the bar, It is nicely decorated and they have created a nice atmosphere inside of the bar. The staff is super friendly and speaks English, I guess that also explains the mixed crowd of locals and tourists. It’s a great place to start the evening, especially if you come here for their amazing 7pm to 9pm beer all you can drink offer, for just 1000¥. Best deal in Shinjuku’s gay bars, a must visit if you’re in Tokyo. If you need the exact address it’s: Japan, Tokyo, Shinjuku City, 18, 新宿2-18-1 第7天香ビル1F

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Hanazono-dori, Shinjuku, Japan

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Gay Bar Gay Bar

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