Communal showers Kex hostel Reykjavik

Communal showers Kex hostel Reykjavik

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When going to a youth hostel I always wonder if I'll have the nice surprise of discovering a communal shower to enjoy showering with some hot young guys from all around the world, and obviously that's the case in Kex as Iceland is full of communal showers. The best one are the one on the 2nd floor (just more showers in the same room). And if you are lucky as I was and get to shower in the middle of the night with a other hot gay guys, you'll definitely love your stay at the Kex.

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Skúlagata, Reykjavik, Iceland

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Gab 24/08/20

Loved staying at the Kex Hostel just for the communal showers! the description is right: 2nd floor communal showers are better than other floors. If you're into watching hot guys taking showers, you'll be more than happy here !!

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Viking traveler XL 29/07/19

Faites un tour aux douches du 2ème étage... Les meilleures douches d'hostel de ma vie. Douche mise à part, l'hôtel est vraiment parfait et bien situé.

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