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The name says it all, if you’re looking a fun gay club in Osaka with good (and loud) music and fun party atmosphere, then it’s the Explosion you should go to. The club itself is quite small, so don’t imagine one of the giant gay club you may have seen elsewhere and it’s mostly busy on weekends, the other day of the week it’s more of a regular gay bar where you can still come to have a drink (but then still have to pay the cover, so not sure it’s worth it). They host regular special themed parties (like Global Kiss with is held every 2 weeks) with performances (dancers, drag queen shows etc…) and that’s the best time to go. If you’re a visitor to Osaka, just cross your fingers you’re the right weekend and check out on their website to know the list of events: https://explosion.osaka/ Cover is 2500¥. Staff is nice and very caring

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Hankyu Higashidori, Osaka, Japan

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Gay Club Gay Club

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