Gay nude beach San Onofre State Park

Gay nude beach San Onofre State Park

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This a beautiful gay nude beach, located between LA and Sand Diego, off interstate 5, not far from the San Onofre nuclear power plant which you can see from the beach. The nudist section of the beach is located on the south end side just before the Marine Corps camp Pendleton. You can get to the beach following trail 6 from the southern car park (arrive early if you want to be sure to find a spot). The beach itself is a long stretch of sand and beautiful, but fresh, water. The beach is just 1h away from San Diego when driving North on Interstate 5. Take the San Onofre/Basilone exit. Keep driving to the San Onofre State Park. Keep driving to the southern end of the campground (about 3,5 miles) until you reach the last parking lot. That’s where you have to stop. Walk then on trail 6 to the beach and head to the southern part, like 0,5 miles from the lifeguard post.

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Old Pacific Highway, Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, USA

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Outdoor Nudist Area Outdoor Nudist Area

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