Hammam gay Tunis les bains guerin

Hammam gay Tunis les bains guerin

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The only gay hammam that i know of in Tunisia. The place is in the old district of Tunis, and is quite traditional itself. But all guys who come here, no matter how they look, are interested in guys. Mostly busy late afternoon, you can get very good massage. not so much action happening in the common area, guys are quite shy, but there are some kind of mini locked showers where all is happening (even though they are not much more private). All type of guys coming here, definitely worth checking out if you're visiting Tunis as a gay

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Rue de la Kasbah, Tunis, Tunisia

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Sauna Sauna

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Frenchy 10/08/19

Entrée très discrète dans une petite rue, le hammam peut se rater difficilement. Il se situe sur la gauche quand on arrive de la grande place avec l'arche. Le lieu a l'air assez populaire parmi les gays tunisiens, c'est assez mélangé en terme de profils et d'âge. De super masseurs à disposition également

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