Hampstead Heath gay cruising area

Hampstead Heath gay cruising area

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Hampstead Heath is a huge park located in North London and is one of the busiest outdoor cruising area in town (and certainly the busiest in the UK). The park is perfect for cruising with dense forest which allows some privacy. To get there, get off at Hampstead Tube Station and head north to the park. The main cruising area is located behind the Jack Straws Castle. The area is both busy during day and at dusk, and you have a great diversity of gay guys coming here, mature guys but also younger ones, joggers etc… definitely worth checking out, especially in Summer even though the cruising area remains busy all year long.

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West Heath Road, London, United Kingdom

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Cruising Area Cruising Area

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Al 23/07/22

Been down there a couple of times this week watching guys bent over the logs waiting for someone to stick their Fock up their ass! I stand and watch and wank myself off then leave, so funny. Then there were two quite fit guys around the back pretty much in the open wanking each other. I should have stepped in and taken care of both of them but stared at them until I unloaded my seed. Classic. Might go back tonight while it’s still light so I can get a good look x

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Al 20/04/22

Hey guys, Just wanted to point out that the “15” was a cut and paste typo. It should have read… Was there on Saturday night and ten of us watched a guy throat ?uck/suck a guys cock. At the start there was of course only afew of us watching. Then half way through the cock sucking/throat fuck display (sloppy as you like) I counted 10 of us. By the time he came there was 15 of us. Hot As Fuck X

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Al 19/04/22

I’m “straight” but always been curious about cock so starting cruising behind Jack Straws this year and it’s been a revelation. Was there on Saturday night and ten of us watched a 15 throat ?uck/suck. It was beautiful. I pulled on myself and watched only inches away. The meat was a good length and girth and the guy gobbling him clearly loved it….dribbling/choking/pulling on it….. Eventually the guy unloaded in his mouth in front of us all by which time the crowd had grown. Then everyone had their cocks out and the group £ucking started. It was insane. I came and left, my jeans were soggy… It’s the best show I’ve watched after my 10th visit. I’m a voyeur and like pulling you guys off, maybe seamen you down there

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John 23/01/22

I will be there tomorrow evening

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Guigue 07/11/21

Lots of fun happening here, with all sorts of guys coming here to have fun. Lots of actions when it's getting dark.

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Julian 20/01/21

Great cruising area in summer, it's not so central, depending where you live in London, but i come here more often on weekends. It's great to combine a nice walk in the park during the day, and cruise when it's getting dark. Totally worth checking out

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