Il Buco - Settimo Cielo gay nude beach Ostia Rome

Il Buco - Settimo Cielo gay nude beach Ostia Rome

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This is the closest gay nude beach to Rome, known as "Il Buco" (or the hole in English, hard to find a better name for a gay beach). Easy to access with public transport, so it's a great option if you're on a short holiday in Rome and you want to spend a nice day chilling at the beach. To get there you should take the train to from Rome to Ostia and get off at Cristoforo Colombo station then it's still a long way to the spot, so it's best to take the bus. You can take several bus lines (7, 61, 68) and get off at Litoranea / Varco 3. The place is known at Settimo Cielo beach There is actually a small gay flag, so you dont miss the bus stop then you just have to take to little path heading to the beach through the dunes there is a small bar on the beach for some refreshments and snacks. The beach is very popular among gay guys from Rome on Weekends. If you're here to meet people that's when you should go. Lot of local cute guys and some visitors too. There are some cruising possibility in the dunes behind the beach and a section of the beach is a nude beach too just the perfect place to go to when you're in Rome and it's too hot to visit the city !

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Via Litoranea, Rome, Italy

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Gay Beach Gay Beach

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