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One of the best club I have ever been in Berlin but also in the world. Not strictly gay (except on certain evenings) but more like everything friendly: straight, gay , lesbian , bi and all the others:) It's a place of freedom, for all to party and enjoy as much as you want : you can dance naked or have sex in the middle of the club no one will mind. Diversity of people attracted by the club is also very interesting, and makes people even more open minded I guess. Drinks are also cheap and the place is very big (with a swimming pool that is not always available unfortunately)

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Brückenstraße, Berlin, Germany

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Gay Club Gay Club

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Alejandro DLF 10/11/19

and not to be forgotten, this is where the famous Revolver party is hosted few times a year (just happened). Then the place is full gay, they even open the downstairs bunker which is amazing. It's packed with gay guys, and a lot of action happening everywhere

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Alejandro DLF 10/11/19

awesome club, open to all the spectrum from the LGBTQ community and much more!! very tolerant vibes here, you can do pretty much whatever you want, as long as you respect others. i always have some nice kinky fun when i go there. music quality really depends on the night and the DJ. They host theme nights, with associated dress code, so make sure to visit their website before going. To me it's one of the must visit place for gay people coming to Berlin

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