Lady Bay nudist Beach

Lady Bay nudist Beach

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My favorite gay nudist beach in Sydney, small in itself but with a beautiful views over Sydney's CBD. Lot of hot guys especially on weekends, and on the right hand side of the beach (when looking at the sea) you have some rocks to have some fun

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, Sydney, Australia

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Gay Beach Gay Beach

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gay nudist traveler 09/02/22

Amazing place, the view over the bay and the city is fantastic and lots of cute guys especially on weekends to have fun with

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Ado 02/01/21

So many hot guys come to visit sandy bay on sunny days !!! it's one of Sydney's best nude beach, it's small but you still have some space. And there is a very busy cruising area behind the rocks, you can find some really hot guys having fun there !

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Naturist fab 24/05/20

Amazing gay nudist beach, the view on the bay and the CBD in the back is just stunning. I have been there several times and I was never bored of this view. The beach itself is quite small but just enough space to tan. A great mix of people coming here, with enough cute guys to look at. If you're in the mood for something more concrete than just looking, you need to explore the rocks at the end of the beach, it's usually very busy on weekends. Lots of guys coming behind the rocks to do their business, I guarantee you'll have some fun times !!!

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Viking traveler XL 29/07/19

De loin, ma plage préférée de Sydney. La vue sur la CBD et sur la zone verte d'obelisque, le plaisir d'être nu et d'aller jouer derrière le rocher magique ;)

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