Maslin gay nude beach Adelaide

Maslin gay nude beach Adelaide

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Beautiful long sandy beach, surrounded by amazing colorful cliffs in the background. The water is crystal clear, and the beach itself is very big, so you wont feel oppressed by the people on the beach. Lot of gay guys come here but not only. Some action happening on the rocky side of the beach on the southernmost part of it. It can get quite cruisy depending on the day. The beach is not far from Adelaide, just 45km drive, and it's well indicated on google maps.

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, , Australia

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Outdoor Nudist Area Outdoor Nudist Area

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otter25 11/11/19

The beach itself is absolutely beautiful with that colorful cliff in the back. it's really big, so it's not so crowded (at least the time i was there, might be different some day) some actions seemed to be happening at the end of the cliff, hidden by the rocks. didn't went to check by myself but it looked very cruisy. overall a very nice gay beach, not far from Adelaide, definitely worth having a look

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