Playa del Amor, Zipolite nude gay beach

Playa del Amor, Zipolite nude gay beach

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Zipolite is a unique beach in Mexico, with a fantastic feeling of freedom. Nudity is accepted everywhere on this 2km long beach. It’s not purely gay but very gay friendly and same sex people can hold hand and kiss without any problem. But the real gay beach, and true nude one, is called playa del Amor. It’s located at the east end of the main beach (so to the left when you are looking at the Ocean). When you reach the end of the main beach, you just take the stairs up and back down to get to playa del amor. If you explore the rocks at the end of the beach, it gets quite cruisy.

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Calle Mangle, , Mexico

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Outdoor Nudist Area Outdoor Nudist Area

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