Playa Rompeculos and playa Maneli gay nudist beaches Spain

Playa Rompeculos and playa Maneli gay nudist beaches Spain

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Rompeculos is a beautiful nudist beach located in Andalucía, south of Spain and popular for gay guys but also for straight people. If you speak Spanish you should remember the name easily, it's just perfect for a gay nudist beach :) ! The beach is located between the small cities of Mazagón and Matalascañas, in the limits of Doñana natural park. To get there look for Rompeculos parking on Google (careful if you search for Rompeculos beach itself t It will tell you to park in Mazagón beach which is actually 1km from Rompeculos). So once you have arrived in Rompeculos parking you go down the wooden path and you arrive on the beach, the gay part is more to the left. Its beautiful, surrounded by colourful cliffs and pine trees. Not ideal for cruising as there are not ao many hidden places, but in the gay part there are some mini dunes with some trees and bush where you can find some privacy.  Maneli beach is about the same, only it's closer to Matalascañas, but the way to walk from the parking is much longer. The gay area is also left when you arrive on the beach.

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A-494, Moguer, Spain

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