Polle del Crimiso nudist nightly naked hot thermal baths

Polle del Crimiso nudist nightly naked hot thermal baths

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In the night, since 10 PM - 22:00, depending on luck, you can find men and share naked baths in a little hot thermal lake, few meters further from Warm River. The lake is reachable only by the Calatafimi-side of the river, so you need to enter by SS113, under viadotto Caggera, then going under the railway, and keed walkint the dirt path in the countryside till the lake. Sometimes heterosexual take the place. But most times you'll share wonderful experiences in nature, under the stars, Moon and sky. all the year long. Polle del Crimiso of free Terme Segestane ("Terme Segestane libere") are natural thermal hot springs of volcanic origins, located in the province of Trapani, not far from the area of ​​Ponte Bagni. The free baths of Segesta, known as “Polle del Crimiso”, are made of surfacing thermal water of volcanic origin that gushes on the banks of the river of the same name. You can bath in the little sheltered bays of the river, where the warm water flow, protected from the river currents, reaches very pleasing temperatures. These waters, in fact, gush from the source at a temperature of about 47 degrees. They are surrounded by reeds and tamarisks and enclosed by rocky walls of white travertine streaked with pink. A picturesque landscape and above all free of charge, because you can immerse yourself in the small coves without spending a single euro. The water in the water baths flows from the source to a temperature between 45 and 50 ° C, of chloro-sulphate-alkaline-earthy composition. The first Greeks who inhabited the place weren’t able to explain the phenomenon of the warm waters of the river, that is the reason why they linked this natural marvel to a mythological event. According to Strabo and Diodoro Siculo in their works, the Aquae Segestanae are linked to the myth of Hercules, who found refreshment in the warm waters made by the nymphs. A myth intertwined with history, so much so that the locality was renamed (erroneously) “Polle del Crimiso”, according to the name of an ancient river to which the fate of the ancient city of Entella is linked, then located as one of the two branches of the Belice. Another sourced Greek legend states that the water is so hot at the behest of the deity Krimisòs who had raised the temperature to heat the nymph Egesta, who had escaped from the city of Troy destroyed by the war. This mythological tale links the foundation of Segesta to the arrival of the Trojans who would have chosen this city for the medical and beneficial properties of the warm waters, which today form the free baths of Segesta. According to the Hellenic tradition the heat of the waters of the river, had released in order to let the nymph Egesta to warm up. The myth had begun when Laomedonte, king of Troy, in order to erect the walls of his city, asked for the help of Zeus, king of the Olympus, who ordered to his two brothers Poseidon (King of the Sea) and Apollo (God of the Prophecy), to help Laomedonte out with the feat. In exchange for the work, this latter promised them some horses received as a gift from Zeus. At the end of the work, however, the he didn’t keep his promise, triggering their rage so that Poseidon sent a sea monster as a punishment, while Apollo, sent a pestilence, instead. The people were terrified by the monster sent by Poseidon, which infested the waters and could be appeased only by giving him in sacrifice beautiful nobles maids. When people heard that the Trojan Laomedonte was the responsible of the offense in respect of Poseidon and Apollo, they wanted his daughter, Esione, to be given in sacrifice to the monster. Laomedonte refused, and got angry, kidnapped the daughters of Fenodomante (the one who had previously revealed his secret) and gave them to some sailors to lead them to Sicily and give them to the Cyclopes to eat. However, the boat with the three daughters of Fenodomante was caught in a storm, next to the West coast of the island, so that the only survivor of the shipwreck was Egesta that, pushed by the waves, landed next to the mouth of the Crimiso river (nowadays known as Bélice). Egesta has wandered along the banks of the river for days until when, exhausted, collapsed on the bank. She would surely die because of the bitter cold, but she was fortunately saved by the God of the river, Crimiso, who, seeing her so pretty, decided to warm up the waters of a torrent and hug her with a warm embrace, falling in love with her and spending with her all the night. From this affection, Egesta gave birth to Aceste, the founder of a near city called Egesta or Segesta in honor of his own mother. The Warm River ("Fiume Caldo"), 3 meters long and less than 50 centimeters deep, flows at the beginning between two high rocky walls; the white rock near the river highlights the presence of Alcamo travertine sediments, made by the limestones created by the warm waters. In the territory of the thermal baths of Segesta grow tamarisks and swampy canes. The waters of the thermal baths of Segesta are suitable for baths and inhalations for therapeutic use; the mud are useful in order to cure rheumatisms, arthritis, arthritis, sciatica, uricemja, gout and skin disease.

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Strada Provinciale 2 di Castellammare - Ponte Bagni, Castellammare del Golfo, Italy

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