Praia do Pinho nudist beach Brazil

Praia do Pinho nudist beach Brazil

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It's the first nudist beach that opened in Brazil in the 80s. So also one of the most popular one, it can be especially crowded in the summer. It's located in the southern coast of Brazil, near the city of Camboriu. It's easily accessible by car, as the cars can park next to the beach. It's a long sandy beach (500m), the Ocean can have some big waves depending on the day. And if you want to secure a good spot in summer on the week end you should arrive early, as the beach can get pretty crowded after. Mostly straight people, so I'm not aware of any gay cruising options here. You also a camping if you want to stay for several days.

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Avenida Rodesindo Pavan, Balneário Camboriú, Brazil

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Outdoor Nudist Area Outdoor Nudist Area

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