Prospect Park gay Cruising area Brooklyn

Prospect Park gay Cruising area Brooklyn

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Prospect Park is a big urgan forest located right in the middle of Brookly. So very easy to access. It’s famous for being a popular gay cruising spot in New York, and most of the action is taking place in the part of the park that lays south of the Grand Army Plaza, on both sides of East drive (one of the main path that is going south from Grand Army Plaza). The cruising area goes roughly down to south drive. Most of the gay guys are to be find in the secondary paths, and in the late afternoon / evenings on summer week ends when the it’s nice weather. Always keep an eye to make sure you’re not too close to a main path, you don’t want to get into trouble. A lot of local gay guys from Brooklyn, of all age, come here.

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East Drive, New York, United States of America

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Cruising Area Cruising Area

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Julian 20/01/21

Great location for this cruising area! It's easy to access wherever you live in NYC. You can find some really cute guys (not only of course as in any cruising area around the world) but if you come here on some busy summer evenings, you may have some really good surprises !! enjoy guys :)

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