Rathauspark Vienna cruising area

Rathauspark Vienna cruising area

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The Rathauspark (Vienna’s city hall park) cruising area is the best place to go in Vienna if you want to meet other gay guys! The park is super central, and it’s a beautiful place. It actually needs to be on your check list of places to visit in Vienna at least during the day. But if you’re in a more adventurous (or horny) mood, you should come here at night. Many gay guys come here to cruise at night, especially in Summer. If you’re in Vienna for the gay pride, don’t forget to stop here after the pride, the park is just full with guys, and you can make some really surprisingly good encounter (I speak with my own experience). You have all kind of guys, in terms of ages and beauty coming here. Definitely worth checking out if you’re around!

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Lichtenfelsgasse, Vienna, Austria

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Cruising Area Cruising Area

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