Ruda baths

Ruda baths

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Rudas Baths is a beautiful historical bath in Budapest. It actually dates back to the time when Budapest was part of the Turkish empire. The antic stone vault with the big pillars surrounding the main swimming pool are beautiful, and contribute to the special atmosphere of the place. It’s even a better atmosphere for gay guys when it’s men only days (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from morning to 20:00). The rules are then quite different: guys don’t wear a swimming suit but a mini towel, just to cover their dick but they have nothing to cover their ass. And the best part is when the guys come out of the water, with the soaked towel letting you almost see their cock. Atmosphere is very homoerotic, the men only days being very popular among gay guys. Crowd is very diverse, I went there in Summer, and it was a mix of locals and tourists, and guys of all age with some really super hot looking guys. There is some very discreet action happening, like guys wanking at the urinals, and touching underwater. But you should remain very discreet as the staff is watching and they are not especially gay friendly. The best is to just flirt in the bath and then go to your hotel or a proper gay sauna for more action, at least that’s what I did 😊

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Döbrentei tér, Budapest, Hungary

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