Serebryany Bor nudist beach

Serebryany Bor nudist beach

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Located west of Moscow, the nudist beach is located on an articifial island on the Moskova River. From Moscow’s city center, take the metro to Polezhaevskaya station. From there you need to take a tram to Serebryany Bor (options are number: 20, 65, 86). And from the tram stop it’s a 20min walk to the south of the island where you’ll find the nudist beach. The beach is popular by local families, as we are in Russia, it’s obviously better to stay discreet. Close to the beach, in the forest that is north of the beach by the volley court you’ll find some cruising happening at dusk. Again be discreet and cautious.

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, Krylatskoye District, Russia

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Outdoor Nudist Area Outdoor Nudist Area

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