Vasca delle Vergini men-only nudist rocky sea shore

Vasca delle Vergini men-only nudist rocky sea shore

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The rocky seashore "Vasca delle Vergini", in Fossa del Gallo, Barcarello, near Sferracavallo, Palermo, is a charming wild and natural and absolutely gay friendly place, where the mountain dominates the landscape. The shore, in fact, has several rocks for quiet sunbathing and rocky ravines in front of a crystalline sea. The boys are more gay, other more secluded areas, where they can dedicate the day alone to themselves practicing naturism (if you want), in a complete rhythm. To reach Vasca delle Vergini, you need to get Punta Barcarello. Once arrived at the promenade of Barcarello (Sferracavallo) and looking at the right side of the beach, once crossed the boats' storage, you can enter the reserve from a gate, and walk for about 1.2 km of dirt road of the nature reserve, a 25'-27' walk. At the end of the dirt road there is a large concrete platform and from there you can walk through lanes to get to the stretch of sea dove becomes naturism. It’s a bit tiring, but it’s worth it! Fb: Barcarello Mare

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accesso occidentale a Capo Gallo, Palermo, Italy

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