Vondelpark gay cruising area

Vondelpark gay cruising area

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Vondelpark is a park located very close to Amsterdam city center, and very popular among gay guys who us it as a cruising area at night time, especially in Summer. The rose garden is a popular place to chill during the day, but as the park doesn’t close at night, it’s a meeting point for gay guys. It starts to be busy from dusk, but real action is happening at night from 11pm when it’s only the gay guys left in the park. Most of the guys tend to go around the benches on the side of the park to flirt and then go in the bushes around for more action.

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Vondelpark, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Cruising Area Cruising Area

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Paulo M 23/05/20

Very nice cruising area, nice place to go if you want a good mix of chilling, and having pic nic with friends,, and flirting or cruising with the gay guys later at night ! Just the perfect plan on a sunny summer day in Amsterdam ! Just wait for the park to be empty enough to start the real cruising as it's a very popular park for families

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